Built in aluminum, this catamaran is equipped with a filter dedicated to collect floating waste. The 2 floats forming a channel guide waste. The filter lift automaticly and remove the waste into a container. It is easy to operate with appropriate dimensions and 2 motors, it accesses in the tightest spaces.


to all our customers

Possibility to manufacture
and ship the filter size

Posibility to integrate additional options :

  • Crane (for dead weight)
  • System erécupération hydrocarbons,
  • Tanks for water pumping black
  • Lance and pump incendis,
  • Inboard diesel engine …


to treat
  • Bottles and plastic bags,
  • Wood,
  • Algae,
  • Jellyfish
  • Leaves and branches ….


of the boat cleaner
  • Ports
  • Edges beach
  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Rivers and other water
Our boat adapt to customer needs

boat cleaner

  • This boat is ideal for cleaning the coast, harbors, lakes, ponds or rivers.

  • He reports fully automatically macro-waste like plastic, wood, bottles or organic materials such as algae or jellyfish.

  • Very handy and light because of its built entirely of aluminum, it reaches a speed of 15 knots for travel from one site to another.